The intersection of travel and wellness



When was the last time something took your breath away?

The roots of that question inspire Unearthed. Our brand harkens to a time when life was slower; travel was something to be enjoyed; and there was much still waiting to be discovered. With the headaches of travel ever increasing, many of us focus on reaching our destination as quickly as possible. Enjoying the entire travel experience, including the journey, is now a luxury. Unearthed aims to remedy that; to bring joy, wonder and awe back into journeys—whether you're traveling around the world or around the corner.

Our editorial scope is simple. By digging deep to uncover remarkable, differentiating details about destinations, we hope to inspire your own travels. While the spots we write about are definitely worth adding to your own itineraries, we also hope our stories encourage you to find your own sense of adventure. 

Second, we bring our stories to life through targeted consulting services. We offer custom solutions for destination marketing organizations, hotel sales teams and other hospitality businesses focused on reaching corporate meeting and incentive planners with enticing itineraries. If providing one-of-a-kind experiences to your visitors that they couldn't achieve on their own is a priority for you and your company, please get in touch.

unearthed | \ ˌən-ˈərth \|

VERB to dig
up out of or as if out of the earth;
to make known
or public; bring
to light